Corporate Social Responsibility

Hunter Industrials’ philosophy guides us towards creating organisational policies that are holistic, acknowledge the importance of our employees and respect the environment.

Hunter Industrials’ belief is that corporate social responsibility incorporates 3 guiding areas:


Respect, and learn from the environment

Influence the environment in positive ways

Appreciate and support our staff


Our respect for the environment drives Hunter Industrials to:

  • Actively seek to reduce waste.
  • Actively reduce water consumed in the manufacture of our ‘Hunter label’ products.
  • Choose and work with environmentally conscious, value delivery network members.
  • Actively seek to reduce the organisation’s carbon emissions.
  • Manufacture environmentally favourable products.
  • Distribute environmentally favourable alternatives.

Our mission is to influence the environment in positive ways through:

  • Educating the market on the latest technologies available, thus delivering an alternative.
  • Assist our clients with the implementation of effective green cleaning programs.
  • Encourage our suppliers to source ethically responsible goods.
  • Promote our value delivery network members to other strategic partners.
  • Continually bring to market improved alternatives to traditional products.
  • Support communities and charities where possible.

Appreciate and support our staff by:

  • Understanding the demands of work, family and life.
  • Offer flexible working arrangements, where possible, to accommodate staff needs.
  • Support members of staff in their pursuit of skills and training.
  • Rigorously reducing risk in the workplace.
  • Pursuing a learning organisation orientation.
  • Creating and maintaining a safe workplace.