Tool Holder (Single)

Code: BTLHD725

Cobweb broom with extension handle 1.5m

Code: B-19503

Extension Handles

P02300 – ALUMINIUM 3M (2X1.5M)

2160  – ALUMINIUM 3.6M (2 X 1.8M)

2232 – ALUMINIUM   5.4MT

P03600 – ALUMINIUM 6M (3X2M)

P03600 – ALUMINIUM 6M (3X2M)

P03900 – ALUMINIUM 9M (3X3M)

Cobweb Broom Head

Cobweb Broom Head only
Code: 6042

Bassine Broom – 45cm, 60cm. 90cm

Code: 5042, 5044, 5046
Handle: Comes complete, or 5ft wooden (Code: 7001)
Hard bristle

Outdoor, factory floor, concrete

Java Broom – 45cm, 60cm, 90cm

Code: 5028, 5030, 5046
Handle: 5ft wooden (Code: 7001)
Medium bristle

Factory floors / sealed surfaces

Hair & Coco – 45cm, 60cm, 90cm broom

Code: 5016, 5018, 5022
Handle: 5ft Wooden Code: 7001
45cm 60cm

Soft –  Medium bristle
Factory floors / sealed surfaces

Premium Tidy (Ultimate) Broom

Code: B-10401
Handle: 4ft wooden
Code: 7000

30cm Soft bristle

Premium household broom for sealed surfaces

Poly Med/Stiff 45cm (blue, green, red) Broom Head

Code: B-12131 (blue, green, red)
Handle: 5ft wooden or Al Mop Handle
Code: 7001 or B-11352 (blue, green red)
45cm Med bristle on the outside, stiff bristle on the inside.

Restaurant/Kitchen areas

Economy Broom Head

30cm Soft Bristle, standard household broom for sealed surfaces.
Head only (Code 6008)

Handle, 4ft wooden (Code 7000)