Mop Head Premium

Poly cotton mop head. Can be used for applying polish. Finer threads, does not drop as much lint. Codes: MH-PM350 (20) MH-PM450 (24)

Mop Head Premium
Similar mop head, different brand
Codes: 370 (24) 371 (30)

Mop Head

Standard cotton mop head
Higher the number, longer the mop length

Squeeze Mop

451308 – 2pin complete with handle
451309 – Multi fit refill only
2303 – Mega mop 30cm complete with handle

Polish Applicator

For applying floor polish
Code: POLAP24
Fits on to 61cm dust control frame

Handle: 5ft wooden (7001)
Or 5ft Alum broom handle

Mop handle aluminium to suit Mop head Edco 400g

B-11532B – Blue
B-11532G – Green
B-11532R – Red
B-11532Y – Yellow

Mop head Edco 400g

Durable mop group shot 2

MH-DC-01 – Blue
MH-DC-01R – Red
MH-DC-01Y – Yellow
MH-DC-01G – Green