Natural Detergent

Biodegradable Detergent concentrate. Natural Detergent is designed for use in hand dishwashing and food preparation areas. This highly concentrated and non perfumed detergent is non hazardous and rapidly biodegrades. It is formulated with proven European technology.

Code: 401006 (6 x 1lt bottles)

Code: 401006S (1lt bottle)

RTU Sanitiser

No Rinse Sanitiser.  RTU Sanitiser, when used on a pre cleaned surface, will sanitise all hard surface food preparation surfaces such as benches, trolleys, trays, crockery, fittings and equipment. RTU Sanitiser is based upon the latest benzene free twin chain quaternary ammonium compounds.

Code: 405201 (6 x 750ml)


Total Bathroom Cleaner

Complete bathroom Cleaner. Total Bathroom Cleaner is a naturally derived complete bathroom cleaner which inhibits mould and mildew, disinfects and deodorises. The unique formulation efficiently removes limestone scale and soap scum build up. The biodegradable surfactants help to suspend and wash soils away.

Code: 402605S (750ml bottle)

Code: 402605 (6 x 750ml bottles)


Orange Detergent

Biodegradable Detergent Concentrate.  Orange Detergent is an orange scented detergent designed for use in hand dishwashing applications and also in a wide variety of manual cleaning operations. This concentrated eco friendly product is non hazardous and biodegradable.

Code: 401207S (1lt bottle)

Code: 401207 (6 x 1lt bottles)


Streak Free Window Cleaner

Window, Glass and Chrome Cleaner. Streak Free Window Cleaner can be used on all hard surfaces and is specifically designed for cleaning polished surfaces. This eco friendly product is non-hazardous and is derived from plant based renewable resources.

Code: 403916S (750ml bottle)

Code: 403916 (6 x 750ml bottles)


Odour Neutraliser

Odour Neutraliser and Air Freshener.  Odour Neutraliser is an odour neutraliser and air freshener in one product. This non toxic eco friendly product is non hazardous and is designed for all areas that need freshening. The odour neutraliser combines with and eliminates the malodour leaving only the pleasant fresh fragrance behind.

Code: 404708 (6 x 750ml bottles)



Crème Cleanser & Polish

Crème Cleanser and Polish.  The Crème Cleanser is a powerful cleaning product you can use without harsh scratching. It can be used in kitchens and bathrooms and has a lovely fresh lemon fragrance.

Code:  403954S (500ml bottle)

Code: 403954 (12 x 500ml bottles)


Multi Purpose Cleaner

Multi Purpose Cleaner can be used on all hard surfaces. This versatile product can be used for spray & wipe and floor mopping applications. Multi Purpose Cleaner is an eco friendly product which is non hazardous and is derived from plant based renewable resources.

Code: 403917 (6 x 750ml bottles)

Code: 403917S (750ml bottle)


Bowl & Urinal Cleaner

Bowl & Urinal Cleaner is specifically blended for use in toilet bowls and urinals. Its buffered acid formulation efficiently removes scale and uric acid build up. The biodegradable sugar based surfactants help to suspend and wash away soils and the strong disinfectant acts to leave your toilets hygienically clean.

Code: 402007 (6 x 1lt bottles)

Code: 402007S (1lt bottle)


Hand and Body Wash

Hand and all over body wash. Hand & Body Wash is a gentle to the skin, pleasantly scented product designed as a hand and all over body wash. This deep cleansing product is eco friendly, non hazardous and biodegradable.

Code: 407003 (6 x 500ml bottles)


Auto Rinse Additive

Rinse Aid for automatic dishwashing machines.  Auto Rinse Additive is a non-hazardous, low foaming detergent for use in commercial automatic dish and pot washers. Its unique blend of water softeners allow it to work effectively in hard water areas.

Code: 400204 (6 x 1lt bottles)

Code: 400204S (1lt bottle)