‘A complete OH&S live program designed to alleviate the OH&S burden produced through legislation’


In the early 2000’s Hunter Industrials introduced the Huntersafe Program. It is a program designed to assist a site in complying with stringent OH&S obligations including the OH&S act and relevant regulations. The program includes an ongoing service as well as the documentation to help sites alleviate their OH&S obligations.

Figure 1- The Closed Loop Huntersafe Program

Each of these elements, are provided as an ‘added value’ and part of Hunter Industrials service (at no cost to your organisation). This program has been thoughtfully designed to consider specific parts of the 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Hunter Industrials prides itself on delivering each of the elements presented in our ‘closed loop system’ presented in figure 1.

Hazardous Substances and Non Hazardous Substances register.

  • Hunter Industrials provides an initial site specific register of products held on your site. This includes both hazardous and non-hazardous products. The register is updated 6 monthly- through the Inventory Control process. When developed the register will include those products that are expected to be on site throughout the year, not necessarily what is on site today; better safe than sorry.

Safe Operating Procedures

  • Safe Operating Procedures are task orientated and product specific. Hunter Industrials has a range of pre-designed and written safe operating procedures for common Janitorial and Hospitality tasks.

Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (also known as MSDS) are provided with the initial Huntersafe Manual. Every 6 months, the closed loop system, through the inventory control process will see that any new products on site will have an MSDS sent to your site for you to place in your huntersafe manual. Alternatively you can request an MSDS on delivery of any new product which you can insert into your Huntersafe program. Another option available is downloading any MSDS you require through our website at . MSDS booklets are also produced on initial set up; 1 to each storeroom.

Risk Assessments

  • Risk assessments have been prewritten by Hunter Industrials. Those products that are classified by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) as ‘hazardous’ are subject to the need for risk assessment. Hunter Industrials has product orientated risk assessments for each product. In most cases, all hazardous products on your site will have risk assessments provided in your Huntersafe manual. In some cases however a risk assessment may need to be written; in this instance you may seek assistance from a Hunter Industrials representative. The maintenance of these risk assessments remains the responsibility of your site, as does ensuring that the risk assessments are relevant to your site.
  • Where possible Hunter Industrials will substitute hazardous products for non-hazardous products in order to reduce the need for risk assessments.

Instructional Wall Charts

  • Wall charts provide quick action information such as chemical use, or the precautions relating to the classification for each product eg; flammable or corrosive.

Storage, Disposal and Dilutions Systems

  • Chemical segregation is critical, especially with particular products, as is necessary placarding. Hunter Industrials can assist with both.
  • Dilution systems- are an ‘engineering control’ designed to reduce handling risks associated with chemicals. These systems ensure correct dilution and reduce costs through maximising chemical efficiencies. Installation of ‘Dema’ chemical dilution systems can be provided by Hunter Industrials. Both provision of the unit and the costs associated with installation are borne by Hunter Industrials, and are provided ‘free on loan’ and for the duration of the supply agreement.

Staff Training

  • Staff training is critical to reduce risk in the workplace with regards to cleaning, improve the effectiveness of the clean, bind users of the products with the produce, build appreciation for the capacity of the products and ensure ‘buy in’ for the range and importance of chemical safety. Training is provided by qualified trainers (which can include Cert IV trainers or Dip. Ed trainers) and includes chemical safety (how to read and extract the important parts of an MSDS for the user) and chemical induction. Training competency is measured, recorded and provided to management of your site for your OH&S policy control. Training is provided at no cost to your site and one annual training session up to 2hrs is offered.

Inventory Control (Also Budget Control available)

  • Inventory control is a process where management of your site can have as little or as much control of the stock/products held on your site. Hunter Industrials set up an inventory control document where minimum and maximum stock holdings can be set; Hunter Industrials then periodically (usually once monthly) has a representative, check stock levels and place an order to replenish stock to your pre set-levels. This reduces stock outs, reduces excess invoices and deliveries. The inventory control is the mechanism which notifies Hunter Industrials of any ‘huntersafe’ updates required at the given 6 month scheduled update. This may signal the need for a new MSDS or new chemicals register to be sent out to your site.
  • Each time a Hunter Industrials representative conducts an inventory control it provides an opportunity for feedback from users to raise any problem areas or address any questions they may have. This also provides Hunter Industrials with the chance to conduct safety checks and report back to management of your site, such as the wrong chemicals in the wrong containers or lack of use of personal protective equipment.
  • Some clients require an overview of their budget and spend on cleaning consumables monthly. Hunter Industrials offers budget tracking as a way of overseeing cleaning expenses monthly.