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A complete cleaning program supporting your compliance with Work Health and Safety laws relating to your cleaning operations.

The objective of the huntersafe program is to have a supported chemical management system that assists clients to meet their work health safety obligations and help create and maintain a safe working environment.

Hunter Industrials are specialist chemical suppliers focusing on services that assist clients to have compliance through effective implementation and maintenance of the huntersafe program. The program is an evolving and live system that carefully considers the regulation requirements, principles of safety, the Acts (OHS Act 2004; WHS Act 2011) and any local safety concerns.

Hunter Industrials have a systematic framework that allows us to design a site specific program encompassing elements represented in the diagram below:

A comprehensive green cleaning program, assisting organisations to align their environmental policy with their cleaning operations.

The huntergreen program our clients to develop, implement and manage a holistic green cleaning program.

Hunter Industrials works with companies to identify green cleaning options and continually strives to find ways to be more environmentally and socially conscious via their overall manufacturing and supply process. The program empowers decision makers to take control of their impact without increasing hours of time implementing and managing it. Read more information about how Hunter Industrials makes this happen on our Sustainability page.

As per our huntersafe program, the huntergreen program is a total support package that provides piece of mind by helping customers achieve their Work, Health and Safety obligations.

All of the products within the huntergreen range come with literature outlining environmental features and benefits along with any certifications from environmental groups.

We are proud of our range, proud of its credentials and proud of the products’ performance.