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The History of Hunter Industrials

In the Beginning…

Hunter Industrials is wholly Australian owned and operated company. Its roots date back to 1941 when Len Hunter Snr founded the Pine ‘O’ Cleen brand, a most trusted & respected household hygiene product on Australian retail shelves.

Len Hunter died in the late 1970’s but his four grandsons carry on the fine tradition he started two generations ago.

BIG H CHEMICAL CO 1979 – 1990’s

The four Grandsons, brothers David, John, Wayne and Scott, with the watchful eye of father Len Hunter Jnr went on to make their mark on the industry through their formally owned Big H Chemical Company.  Formed in 1979 Big H Chemical Co became one of the leaders in the industry through their impeccable service, progressive attitudes and product development.  

Big H Management Philosophy.

Big H Chemical Company set industry standards in many areas including the systemising of cleaning programs and training procedures. However Big H Chemicals believed that to have a main point of difference and a competitive advantage in the market, their focus would be aimed at innovative service offering and delivery.

In 1998 after 3 years of helping to integrate the merge with the national operation of Jasol Australia, the Hunter brothers felt the need to return to their own roots.

Hunter Industrials Melbourne 1990’s – today

In 1998, Hunter Industrials opened its doors as a small cleaning and sanitation products’ business operating in Braeside, Victoria. With David, John, Wayne & Scott utilising their tried and true philosophies, Hunter Industrials quickly grew by excelling in delivering superior value and service, combined with a specialty range of chemical products, accessories and paper products.

In the early 2000s, Hunter Industrials focused on providing the market with product and service offerings aligned with stringent OH&S requirements.  This led to a dramatic uptake of customers looking for suppliers willing to take on a greater depth of involvement and responsibility

In January 2009, with the earlier retirement of John Hunter, Brook King joined Hunter Industrials as a Director and Sales Manager bringing even more to the already strong management team enabling Hunter Industrials’ growth to be significant, not only in sales, but in terms of attracting the interests of many in the market place as well as the interest  of their competitors.

This growth included the opening of their Queensland branch in Loganholme.

Hunter Industrials focuses on being sustainable cleaning experts for both customers (through the huntergreen program) and the company as a whole, building programs and policies to ensure we are leaders in the industry well into the future.  We are passionate about responsible corporate citizenship and continue to strive to minimise our impact to the environment (refer to our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and Sustainability  section of the website).

Hunter Industrials ‘family’ concept is extended to all our staff and we appreciate that our success is due to the collective employee base, working together to deliver exceptional customer service.

To meet the Melbourne team, please click here

Hunter Industrials Queensland 2011 – today

In late 2011 Hunter Industrials was given an opportunity to buy a small but viable company, QHS Pty Ltd.  Hunter saw a gap in the Queensland market place and that by utilizing their experience – augmented by the skills and knowledge of existing QHS employees, this was an opportunity that needed to be had.

In November 2011, Hunter Industrials Pty Ltd registered Hunter Industrials (QLD) Pty. Ltd. and Hunter Industrials (QLD) office was open for business under the Leadership of Len Hunter Snr’s great grandson Daniel Hunter as General Manager.

Hunter Industrials QLD began operating out of Carrara on the Gold Coast, servicing an array of hospitality and janitorial segments across varying industries.

In July 2014, Hunters QLD moved to Burchill Street in Loganholme. Hunter Industrials QLD now delivers as far north as Gympie, down south as far as Evans Head in NSW.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hunter Industrials’ philosophy guides us towards creating organisational policies that are holistic, acknowledge the importance of our employees and respect the environment.

Hunter Industrials’ belief is that corporate social responsibility incorporates 3 guiding areas:

Respect, and learn from the environment

Influence the environment in positive ways

Appreciate and support our staff

Our respect for the environment drives Hunter Industrials to:

  • Actively seek to reduce waste.
  • Actively reduce water consumed in the manufacture of our ‘Hunter label’ products.
  • Choose and work with environmentally conscious, value delivery network members.
  • Actively seek to reduce the organisation’s carbon emissions.
  • Manufacture environmentally favorable products.
  • Distribute environmentally favorable alternatives.

Our mission is to influence the environment in positive ways through:

  • Educating the market on the latest technologies available, thus delivering an alternative.
  • Assist our clients with the implementation of effective green cleaning programs.
  • Encourage our suppliers to source ethically responsible goods.
  • Promote our value delivery network members to other strategic partners.
  • Continually bring to market improved alternatives to traditional products.
  • Support communities and charities where possible.

Appreciate and support our staff by:

  • Understanding the demands of work, family and life.
  • Offer flexible working arrangements, where possible, to accommodate staff needs.
  • Support members of staff in their pursuit of skills and training.
  • Rigorously reducing risk in the workplace.
  • Pursuing a learning organisation orientation.

Creating and maintaining a safe workplace.